DHS Calls Patrick Byrne Domestic Extremist #1

Show Notes/Links at JWHoyt.com — Patrick joins me for an extensive review of the 80-page article about his life mission to root out government corruption. The Capitol Times Magazine’s inaugural issue features a tell-all piecing together Patrick Byrne’s amazing relationship as a go-to government resource for over 30 years. He notes early in the article that law enforcement around the country have notified Byrne that during DHS trainings, the Department of Homeland Security has name Patrick “Domestic Extremist #1.” The article goes on to detail when he was asked to set Hillary Clinton up for a bribe as well as his exploits with a Russian as part of the earliest attempts to frame whoever won the 2016 Republican nomination. Today we discussed the Durham Report, as well as the state of the Election Integrity movement with a few surprising updates about millions of printed ballots put into circulation by the United States Postal Service and their unwillingness to disclose who paid for the truckloads of ballots.



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