Consent of the Governed

The People’s Guide to Holding Government Accountable

“A modern day political archaeologist, uncovering what has been there all along.”
– Thomas G., FL

Jason’s awe-inspiring deep dive into how the grand jury operated for centuries, and is meant to operate today, earned him the title, “political archaeologist.”
Simply stated, he has uncovered the most powerful tool in government accountability which has been there all along.
With amazing research and his easy-to-comprehend conversational style, Hoyt delivers a knock-out punch to deep state actors and swamp creatures all over America. Politicians and government bureaucrats alike fear the grand jury as a powerful yet misunderstood independent body of We The People.
Be forewarned, though. The deep state doesn’t want you to read this book!

Do you know how a grand jury works? Do you know why the grand jury, as a powerful independent body of We The People, makes the deep state tremble with fear? If you haven't served on a grand jury and conducted your own research, it's likely you have no idea what it can do. Presiding judges and prosecutors are most definitely not going to tell you what you're able to accomplish.
The grand jury's secret proceedings and powerful investigative functions have been kept from the public's eye for over a century, and there's a reason.
For example, did you know your local grand jury can audit the government from top to bottom and force any elected official or government worker to testify about their operations?
In the book, Hoyt reveals an often-missed paragraph in the Florida Grand Jury Instructions that discusses the most powerful word in the Constitution where a grand jury can open an investigation on their own initiative on any topic they choose. Imagine how your government would operate if they knew at any minute they could be called to testify before a grand jury about their operations.
Imagine if the government feared the people, and not the other way around. Is there such a thing as "accountability" anymore? Unfortunately, we've been trained to think the only way We The People can hold our government accountable is by waiting for the next election. That's just not the case.
In the book Hoyt explores true, real, and impactful consequences in government and how the most powerful word in the Constitution, sitting right there in the fifth amendment's grand jury clause, has been hijacked. The good news is the people still have the power to act as a sword and shield, protecting against wrongful accusations by government while reaching inside the government to root out corruption.

The deep state bureaucracy is out of control, but not for long. Grand juries across the country are opening investigations, looking at evidence, and holding government officials accountable.
In the book, you'll discover...
...How to restore government accountability.
...How the most powerful word in the Constitution was hijacked.
...How to reach inside the government and root out corruption.
- What if every single move the government made was under the watchful eye of a grand jury with real, tangible, and immediate consequences?
- What if We The People could operate on an official capacity outside the branches of government and provide our "consent of the governed" on a daily basis?
- What if an independent grand jury, acting on its own initiative, could reach inside our government and root out corruption with indictments?
- What if the Supreme Court, as recent as 1992, said the grand jury, "...belongs to no branch of the institutional government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the government and the people?"
- What if one of the most powerful tools to check and balance the government was already protected by the Constitution?
Fortunately, Hoyt isn't proposing a new idea. Like a political archaeologist, he has uncovered what has been there all along and has worked for 800 years. The bottom line: the grand jury is feared by the deep state, establishment politicians, and the entrenched Washington, D.C. bureaucratic swamp.
Read CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED to find out why!