Liberty Restoration Publishing, Inc.

How you tell your story online can make all the difference. I can help.

Advertising & Sponsorship

Sponsor a segment of ‘The LIBERTY RESTORATION Show’ or the next printing of the I CHOOSE LIBERTY Pocket Constitution. You’ll have exposure to an audience of God-fearing, Patriotic, passionate, and informed Americans striving to save our Republic and bring God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

Custom-Designed Constitution Books

Fundraise, hand out, or turn a profit on customized Pocket Constitutions, authored by You. These books are perfect for campaigns, organizations, businesses, and patriotic Americans. At less than $2 per book, communicate your platform, educate your customers, and share our founding documents.

Podcast Hosting & Production

Ready to break away from the pack and set your organization or business apart by broadcasting LIVE video on 30 platforms and a dozen of the top audio podcast players? I can help from system setup recommendations to coaching, ideation, and even hosting and/or producing your show.

Digital Marketing Agency

From websites or targeted social media campaigns to monthly maintenance and long-term digital marketing strategy and implementation, everything we do centers on providing services of the highest level of quality.

Self-Publishing & Writing

With three books down and twenty on the planning board, my passion is research and writing. My purpose in life is to equip Americans with what we need to save our Republic on this Journey to Save America and do God’s will.

Issue Advocacy & Consulting

Ready to promote American principles and values? Contact me if your organization or business wants an advocate in their corner to communicate with and activate patriots. I translate complex issues into common sense.

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