Launch of TheAwakening.Community

LEARN MORE AT — Welcome to the inaugural podcast of TheAwakening with @JasonWHoyt. At TheAwakening, we’re getting back to social media’s original intent, back to the early days where people engaged in actual conversation when we learned from each other and discussed root causes to problems. Today’s social media is all about rage and confirmation bias. Most people regurgitate talking points they hear on the news and there’s no depth, no understanding. “Seek first to understand, then be understood” is a relevant adage to live by and we’re covering lots of topics. And the good news is YOU are not the product. The reason big tech and big social are Free is because YOU are the product they sell to others. Now we live in a world of censorship and central planners picking winners and losers. Sign up today and you’ll receive a 50% commission when anyone uses your unique url. Refer 100 people and make $500 per month, every month.

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